1. Basic Term

By navigating sweetgirls.org, you will navigate on the official website (portal) of SweetGirl, a marketing site for advertisers and the people interested in those ads. The portal is not directly connected to escorts in Switzerland but only rents out advertising space. Advertisers do not work with or for the portal operator.

By navigating sweetgirls.org, you accept the terms of use of this portal.

This portal is restricted to persons who are not minors in the country of the connection (e.g. who are over 18 (eighteen) years of age in Switzerland). You confirm by navigating sweetgirls.org that you are not a minor (that is to say you are over 18 (eighteen) years of age in Switzerland).

By navigating sweetgirls.org, your IP address will be recorded. If another user later connects to the portal using the same IP address, they will not be asked again to accept these conditions. In the sense of art. 111 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, you vouch for compliance with these terms and conditions by any user logging on to the portal using the same IP address as your own.

The principles outlined below apply to the use of the portal. They also apply to the contractual relationship between the company operating the site (Company) and users when they become a member of the site SweetList (Member) and also to how information of users or members are used, e.g. for subscription-based newsletters. The provisions governing the contractual relationship between people inserting ads on this portal (Advertisers) and the Company are expressly reserved. These conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. They apply upon publication on the portal. [Whenever these conditions change, you must confirm you acceptance of the new version by clicking “ACCEPT" again.]

You acknowledge that the identity of the other party is unimportant to you pursuant to Art. 32 par. 2 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

2. Intellectual property rights and other rights

The Company is the owner and operator of this portal. The brands, names, titles, logos, photographs, drawings, text and other elements contained therein, for example SweetListl, are all owned by the Company and its shareholders or contractual partners. The on-screen display, downloading or copying of pages on the site do not give rise to any rights (such as rights of use, intellectual property rights, etc.). The reproduction (complete or in part), transmission (electronically or by other means), modification and/or use of the portal for purposes of publication or for any commercial purposes is not permitted without prior written consent.

If you violate the obligations mentioned above, the Company will have the right to demand:

1. the rectification of the situation that is in breach of the obligations by taking all legal steps necessary or useful for this purpose; and without prejudice to any rights set forth in subparagraph (a)

2. that you pay to the Company a lump sum of CHF 100’000 as a penalty for each violation. The payment of compensation does not release you from the obligation to comply with the conditions mentioned above and pay any further damages that might exceed this amount. 

3. Disclaimer

The Company disclaims any responsibility (except in cases of gross or intentional negligence) that may arise from accessing or respectively the inability to access all or part of the site, or from any use that may be made of the site. Access to the portal and its availability for use are not guaranteed.

The portal contains links to third party sites that are not operated or monitored by the Company. Thus, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the contents of any such site. This disclaimer also applies to compliance with legal provisions on data protection by the operators of these external sites. 

4. Respect the law in force

You agree by using the portal to respect the law. 

5. Password

If you are a Member, you agree: (1) to secure and keep your password confidential; (2) not to let other people use your account; (3) not to use the account of other Members; (4) not to transfer your account to another party; (5) not to procure any compensation for your account or any information related thereto. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for any activity on your account.

To close your account, please contact us.  

6. Data transfer via the Internet

The Internet is a public network and is not secure. In addition, it is possible – even if the sender and recipient are both located in Switzerland – that data passes through foreign countries with a lower level of security than that of Switzerland. Accordingly, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the security of data during transmission via the Internet, except for gross negligence or willful misconduct. 

7. Collection and use of information

When a visitor accesses the portal, various information may be recorded (e.g. the visitor’s IP address, the date and time of access, the name of the file or page accessed, etc.). Personal data may only be used for purely statistical purposes within the limits described in these terms of use.

The Company will use appropriate security systems to protect your personal data from foreseeable risks. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to external companies to better serve the users of the site. In these cases, the Company may disclose information to these third parties so that they are able to fulfill their tasks. To prevent abuse, these third parties must provide a commitment to us to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. Other than this, information is not transferred to third parties outside the Company, unless required under the law in force, or directly by judicial or administrative authorities. 

8. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify the Company for any damage, loss or costs related to activity on the portal that would violate your obligations under these terms of use.

9. Cookies

Every access to the portal may result in recording a small file (called a “cookie") on the computer of the user. This file is used exclusively for the establishment of an anonymous survey of the number of page visits and the recognition of the user as part of the acceptance of these conditions. 

10. Assignment

The Company reserves the right to transfer to anyone the rights and obligations under these terms of use. 

11. Contact

Questions related to the processing of personal data, or requests to rectify, change or delete such data should be addressed to:
See contact page
Aribau 280, 08021, Barcelona